(★EXCLUSIVE) The Full Story Behind JYP And The Cult Linked To Sewol Ferry Disaster

Dispatch reported an in-depth coverage of Park Jin Young’s meeting, where members of an alleged cult were in attendance.

Park Jin Young (JYP) is being accused by Dispatch as being a part of the Salvation Sect, a cult group that’s linked with the Sewol Ferry tragedy. Dispatch revealed the details of the religious event held by JYP, what JYP said in the meeting, who attended, and what this all means for his label, JYP Entertainment.

Since this report was released, JYP has denied all connections to the Salvation cult and has issued a legal threat to Dispatch.

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“I rented this place with my own money for a Bible study session. Is this what you call a Salvation Sect?

100 people came to hear my lecture, and a few “Salvation Sect” members were in the audience because they wanted to hear my lecture. Is this a Salvation Sect meeting?

Am I really a part of the Salvation Sect, when I have no ties whatsoever to the businesses of the “Salvation Sect” – personally or through JYP Entertainment?

How will you ever take responsibility for the damage you’re causing to me and our company, by releasing such articles without any confirmation?

I’ve been getting together with a friend twice a week for four years to have Bible study. That meeting has now grown to about 30 people. But, you say that this is a “Salvation Sect” meeting?

I’ll post my testimony so please take a look at it carefully. If there is any issue with the content in terms of legality or morality, then your reports are legitimate but if there isn’t, you will be liable for the all damage it has caused.”

— Park Jin Young


Dispatch claims JYP held a recruitment meeting for the Salvation sect cult.

Dispatch had been investigating JYP and his connections with the Salvation sect since March 2018.

According to their investigations, Park Jin Young held a meeting on March 21, 2018 that was allegedly for the Salvation cult. The meeting was held near a popular neighborhood, called Yeoksam, a location very close to Gangnam.

JYP allegedly set up the meeting to help recruit people for the cult. Dispatch staff personally attended the meeting to gather evidence and voice recordings from the event.


What exactly is the Salvation cult?

The Salvation sect has been accused of being a cult that’s heavily involved in pyramid schemes. They have been investigated by the Korean police on numerous occasions.

Media reports also claim that members are hired more easily at companies connected to the cult. Donations from members are used by the ‘Head Leader’ as collateral to receive loans.

The Salvation sect has 60 branches across South Korea, with more than 200,000 members around the world.

Kwon Shin Chan is the man who created the Salvation sect’s doctrine, which was then widely spread by his son-in-law, Yoo Byung Eun.

Locations where Park Jin Young held his meetings.


How was JYP’s meeting related to the Salvation cult?

Park Jin Young‘s meeting took place over 7 days with extremely influential people in attendance, along with Salvation sect leader, Byun Gi Choon.

Actor and KeyEast Entertainment Chairman, Bae Yong Joon, was also in attendance. Bae Yong Joon recently sold all of his shares and controlling interest of KeyEast to SM Entertainment. He became the third largest shareholder in SM Entertainment through this deal.

A nearby cafe selling ‘Ahae Tea’ supported JYP’s meeting throughout the entire event. Ahae is Yoo Byun Eun’s nickname (cult creator’s son-in-law). The cafe is owned by Semo Credit Union, directly connected to the Salvation sect leader, Byun Gi Choon.

Once the meeting concluded, JYP headed over to “H restaurant” to have dinner with those who attended. The owner of the restaurant is Dapanda Co., Ltd. This company is directly connected to Byun Gi Choon.

The buildings for both the cafe and the restaurant are owned by I-ONE-I Holdings Co., Ltd. They are also connected to Byun Gi Choon.

Park Jin Young pictured with Byun Gi Choon at the meeting.


How is the Salvation cult involved with the Sewol Ferry tragedy?

The Salvation sect has their hands in numerous businesses, including ones that caused the Sewol Ferry Tragedy with their neglect and mismanagement.

Byun Gi Choon is the current head of Salvation Sect’s business. He is also the former CEO of Cheonhaeji, the largest shareholder of Chonghaejin Marine Co., Ltd. Chonghaejin Marine Co. owned the MV Sewol ferry, the controversial ship that sank in 2014, killing over 300 innocent passengers.

The Salvation Sect has been linked to the Sewol Ferry through now-leader, Byun Gi Choon and other Salvation sect members. The Sewol Ferry’s disgraced captain, Lee Joon Seok, who is also rumored to have been a member.

Dispatch was able to get their hands on the diary of an executive member at Cheonghaejin Marine Co.

Diary of an executive member at Cheonghaejin Marine Co.

The diary entries showed that the 2014 tragedy was not the first time the Sewol Ferry decided to set sail despite danger warnings. Records showed that Cheonghaejin continued to take on risky trips despite their awareness to the possible dangers.

So why did Cheonghaejin risk these dangers? Dispatch was able to get their hands on the financial records for every boat that set sail in 2013.

Financial record of the Cheonghaejin Marine Co.

Sewol made around 8.9 billion won but the records reported that the ship lost 4 billion won. The main source of this loss was chalked up to depreciation cost. Cheonghaejin wrote off over 2.9 billion won, which is around 30% of what the ship made, as depreciation cost.

An employee from the same industry said, “It’s hard for me to understand why they would write off 3 billion won as depreciation cost for a 12 billion won ship. It just appears as if they tried to make it look like on paper that they were losing money.” 

After discovering these reports, Dispatch concluded that Cheonghaejin was embezzling money for the Salvation Sect. To farther prove the point, they pointed out that Byun Gi Choon and Yoo Byung Ho were both sentenced to 3 and 2 years imprisonment for embezzling tens of millions of won while they were CEO of Cheonghaejin. They embezzled the money to support Yoo Byung Eun’s family.


Where’s the evidence that JYP is really a Salvation cult member?

In 2014, when the Sewol Ferry sank, JYP claimed to have no connection to the Salvation sect. He claimed that his wife was connected to a company related to the ferry, but that was all.

Park Jin Young’s wife is Yoo Byung Ho’s daughter. Yoo Byung Ho is the brother of Yoo Byung Eun (creator’s son-in-law). JYP’s wife allegedly helped organize and manage the cult’s meetings, where Byun Gi Choon made frequent and regular appearances.

Top photo: Park Jin Young with his wife at the meeting.

JYP’s preachings also connect him directly to the Salvation sect’s core principles and ideologies.

In the past, JYP has repeatedly claimed to be an atheist. When he appeared on the variety show Healing Camp, JYP claimed to have no interest in joining any religious groups. This was in April 2012.

In 2013, Park Jin Young appeared on Radio Star and shared more about his journey to finding religion.

“I understand [religion] in my head, but I just don’t believe in it. It’s been frustrating.

If I did believe in a religion, I would admit to it.”

— Park Jin Young

From here, JYP was then accused of being a part of the Salvation Sect, in April 2014. The accusations were due to his wife’s familial ties with Yoo Byun Fun, the owner of Sewol Ferry.

JYP expressed his frustrations at the accusations, by reiterating that he was an atheist.

“I have no connections to this other than the fact that my wife is related to the owners of the company in question.

Is this a country where you can write anything based on those facts? If you have seen my interviews and the music I produced, you will know where I stand on my beliefs.

I have studied religion for many years but I still do not align myself with any religion. I hope these groundless rumors will stop spreading.”

— Park Jin Young

But according to Park Jin Young’s speech at the meeting, he became a “new person” in 2012 and found salvation in 2017.

“They stopped trying to prove the bible wrong in Jerusalem. I changed my life completely. I stopped doing every bad thing, but I wasn’t a believer yet. Why? Because belief has nothing to do with action…

I became a new person in October 2012. I surrendered in logic to the bible. I became a believer on April 27, 2017. I was gifted (immediately) with belief.”

— Park Jin Young


Where can I read JYP’s speech at the Salvation cult meeting?

Koreaboo has translated the entire speech from JYP’s meeting. In his speech, JYP claims that the bible is a book of prophecies that guides us about the future. He recites numerous Bible verses to back his claims, stating God is talking about the future.


1. JYP Explains The Aftermath Of Alexander’s Death

He quoted the book of Daniel Chapter 8:21~22.

The shaggy goat is the king of Greece, and the large horn between its eyes is the first king. The four horns that replaced the one that was broken off represent four kingdoms that will emerge from his nation but will not have the same power.”

— Daniel 8:21~22

JYP deciphered the bible and stated that Hella referred to Greece and the large horn was Alexander. He stated, “The aftermath of Alexander’s death (within the bible) is fact and a prophecy.

“After the death of Alexander, Greece was divided into 4 kingdoms, Kassandros, Lysimachus, Seleucid and Ptolemios. If Greece was divided into any other number say 3 or 5 after the death of Alexander, you can trash the Bible.”

— Park Jin Young


2. JYP Explains Why God Prophesied The Future

He called to attention Isaiah chapter 46 and 48.

“I foretold the former things long ago, my mouth announced them and I made them known; then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass. For I knew how stubborn you were; your neck muscles were iron, your forehead was bronze.”

— Isaiah 48:3~4

He claimed that God knew people will refuse to believe him so he wrote out the future in the Bible.

“You are all so stubborn and refuse to believe, that’s why God prophesied the future and tried to change people’s mind and showed them what will happen after the death of Alexander. Since otherwise, people will not believe.

God knew you would say stuff like ‘buddha did it or my ancestors did it.’ or ‘Buddha, Allah, God it’s all the same’ that’s why he did this and left evidence.”

— Park Jin Young


 3. JYP Explains That The Universe Proves God’s Existance

He referred to Job 26:7…

“He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing.”

— Job 26:7

Park Jin Young explained that man cannot find the answer to how Earth and the Sun continue to rotate and stay in the same path for millions of years. He says the only answer is that they stay the same through God’s power.

“He says the earth hangs on nothing. When? This is a prophecy from 3500 years ago. The space between Earth and the Sun is perfectly kept. What power does this? We don’t know, the scientists don’t know. God wrote how he keeps this order intact.”

— Park Jin Young

He read Psalm 119:89, “Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.

“His word is settled (all over the universe). That’s the order it runs on. Earth, you spin in this speed. Sun you move with this speed.’ Why does nothing crash? because his word is all over the universe.”

— Park Jin Young


4. JYP Explains God Chose Jews For A Reason, A Belief Strongly Held By Salvation Sect

His logic is identical to the teachings of Kwon Shin Chan, who created the doctrine for the Salvation Sect which was spread by his son-in-law, Yoo Byung Eun. Israel’s salvation is the first stepping stone in drawing people into their sect.

JYP explained that God chose the Jews because they were the smallest population. He quoted Deuteronomy 7:7.

“The Lord did not set His love on you nor choose you because you were more in number than any other people, for you were the least of all peoples.”

Deuteronomy 7:7

He claims that God still favors the Jewish population even today. He named some of the largest global corporations as his evidence.

“All the companies on Wallstreet are owned by Jews. Google, Facebook, Budweiser, Starbucks, they’re all owned by the Jews.”

— Park Jin Young

He also quoted Isaiah 60:10, “The sons of foreigners shall build up your walls, And their kings shall minister to you; For in My wrath I struck you, But in My favor I have had mercy on you.” He claimed the prophecy is coming true even now with former President Obama’s act on Israel’s Iron Dome.

“Obama signed off on supporting Israel’s Iron Dome. The US is paying to build a missile system on Israel’s borders. Why? because it says so in the bible. “The sons of foreigners shall build up your walls, And their kings shall minister to you” The missile systems are the walls.”

— Park Jin Young

Park Jin Young’s message was closely related to the teachings of Kwon Shin Han, which led Dispatch to farther believe that Park Jin Young was indeed a part of the cult.


Source: Dispatch