JYP Employee Caught Publicly Slamming YG On Instagram…Netizens Can’t Believe What He Said

Some believe he crossed the line.

A rookie JYP Entertainment employee Jung Jong Won has come under fire for publicly criticizing rival agency YG Entertainment

Jung Jong Won appeared on the intern recruitment show Super Intern and “won” his employment at JYP Entertainment.


On his personal instagram, Jung Jong Won blasted YG Entertainment’s BIGBANG and compared them to JYP Entertainment’s first generation group g.o.d.

Translation: [BIGBANG will never be g.o.d]


Jung Jong Won criticized YG Entertainment for being “an organization built on unstable foundation” and commented that the agency’s leader and artists are corrupt. He specifically pointed out, “Seungri’s scandal is only on the surface, what’s visible on the outside. But the fancy castle built on a pile of sand is always at risk.”


Jung Jong Won also blasted BIGBANG for not deserving the “Nation’s Boy Group” title, which was once given to g.o.d. He argued, while both idol groups released mega hit songs, BIGBANG will never be g.o.d.


Lastly, Jung Jong Won attacked YG Entertainment for focusing on the wrong things. He mentioned the agency’s promotion on BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” music video reaching 700 million views on YouTube and called the effort “more meaningless than ever”.


This post received mixed reviews from netizens, with some agreeing to Jung Jong Won’s statements while many others backlashed at him for being out of line.

  • “JYPE was right to hire him, he’s saying all the right things. LOL.”
  • “Wow JYPE needs to come claim this employee.”
  • “But you’ve worked there for like two seconds. Who do you think you are LOL.”
  • “Does he realize how small the industry is? I mean, I don’t care what he says about who, but he really should’ve thought this through. I guess he thinks JYP will keep him forever, but there’s no good in having your face be known to the world like this.”


While the post has since been deleted, a former YG director captured the post in question and shared on his Instagram story, “I don’t think you should be writing things like this.”


Netizens found the former YG director’s involvement in the issue ridiculous and commented he should not have reacted or said anything.

  • “I don’t think YOU should be writing things like this.”
  • “Wow this is so sad LOL.”
  • “The employee did cross a line, but so did this director for publicly attacking him…”
  • “What is wrong with the people from YG Entertainment!”


Neither have responded since sharing their opinions online, while netizens continue to debate whether their actions were reasonable.

Read the full translation of Jung Jong Won’s Instagram post here:

“An organization built on unstable foundation… What could better describe YG Entertainment? The company creed, the leader’s mindset, the artists’ attitudes, the fake promotions – none of them are correct or stable. Seungri’s scandal is only on the surface, what’s visible on the outside. The fancy castle built on a pile of sand is always at risk.

Both groups released songs titled “Lies”, but BIGBANG will never be g.o.d. They shouldn’t ever be. The title “Nation’s Boy Group” is too precious and good to be given to a group like BIGBANG.

The article ‘BLACKPINK Is The First K-Pop Group To Hit 700M Views On YouTube!’ that I read today is more meaningless than ever. How long is this company going to focus only on making its castle look good from the outside? I feel sorry for YG Entertainment, because it’s bound to come crashing down at a single wave.”