JYP Is Hiring New Employees Through A Survival Program

And the only requirement for applicants is passion.

On January 24, Park Jin Young attended the press conference for his new television series, Super Intern, and gave more details about the program.


JYP will be launching a television series called Super Intern for those who wish to work in the Korean entertainment field. The focus of the program is to provide opportunities to anyone who has a passion for this type of work regardless of education, gender, age or anything else.


At the press conference, Park Jin Young revealed the reason behind launching this program. He explained that as JYP Entertainment grew bigger, a majority of the employees had a great education were excellent on paper. The type of employees that the agency needed, however, was different.

A majority of our staff have received education by rote. But I’ve noticed that those who thought out of the box had a better influence on our artists. The problem is that as our company is growing bigger ad bigger, our recruitment system is becoming just like other companies. We’re beginning to receive more employees with a good educational background and credentials.

ㅡ Park Jin Young


He added that he has decided to make some changes to his recruitment system through this series and hopefully discover the exact type of employees he was looking for.

The type of employee that I need is someone who can think out of the box and I felt like these types of people could have been filtered out during the hiring process. I’ve even seen many interesting opinions on the surveys of those who were rejected. Through this program, we’ve decided to review our current recruitment system and make some changes.

ㅡ Park Jin Young


Super Intern will begin airing on January 24.

Source: TV Report