JYP Entertainment Announces Plans For Their Japanese Girl Group

They’ve announced their plans for the Japanese girl group.

Park Jinyoung has referenced plans for JYP Entertainment‘s Japanese girl group for a while now, saying that their 3rd stage for K-Pop is to produce and nurture talents from abroad. Now, it seems preparations for the group are beginning.

They are currently scouting Japanese female trainees aged 15-22, holding auditions in eight Japanse cities, Hawaii, and Los Angeles. 20 participants will be selected from the first audition and a reality show will determine who makes the final group.

The 20 participants will be trained in dancing, singing, bodybuilding, and more in the JYP Training Center in South Korea. The girls will be training for six months.

They plans to show the final members by April 2020 on live boradcast, but there is currently no confirmation on how many members the group will have. The members will make their debut by Novemeber 2020 with Sony Music Label.

The main goal of the group will be to have their main activities in promotions in Japan with some activities around the world, including the Korea. The name of this Japanese girl-group project is “NIZI Project“.

If this is successful, they plan to do the same process but for a boy group.

Source: TheQoo