[★BREAKING] JYP Entertainment confirms GOT7’s Jackson health issues after collapsing

JYP Entertainment has released a statement after news broke that GOT7’s Jackson had collapsed during a recent fan-meeting.

On March 11, GOT7 held a fan meeting for their Japanese fans in an intimate setting. Jackson was noticed by fans to be extremely quiet during the event and eventually had to be excused from the hi-touch portion of the event.

He returned for the fan-signing portion, allegedly at his own request, but soon collapsed on the table. He was immediately taken backstage where he reportedly began vomiting and was rushed to the hospital.

JYP Entertainment has now confirmed the rumors. Jackson’s health is currently being monitored, according to the agency.

“Jackson’s health suddenly fell to a bad state at the GOT7 fan meeting held on March 11. Soon, we came to the conclusion that his health wouldn’t allow him to continue on with the event, so he had to be excused from the last event, which was the high-touch. Currently, he is resting and concentrating on getting his condition back up.”

JYP Entertainment

Source: TV Report