JYP Entertainment confirms GOT7’s studio album comeback

GOT7 of JYP Entertainment is confirmed to be preparing for a comeback with a full-length album.

News first got out through Korean news sites that GOT7 was to make a comeback this fall with their second full-length album. It was also added that “Recording is currently complete and they are wrapping up photoshoots.

Label company JYP Entertainment was then quick to respond with a confirmation, “GOT7 is now preparing for their second studio album. We are in the midst of preparations and aim for a release at the end of this month or early October.

It has been almost two years since their last album released in November 2014. GOT7 has been reported to be working for months for a flawless new album.

The timing of the news of GOT7’s comeback was surprising to some, as many JYP fans are currently focused on the nearing comeback of their senior labelmates 2PM, who will make a comeback on 13th. However, many are confident that it will be a good timing for the juniors to continue the JYP streak right after 2PM.

Source: ilgan sports, starnews