JYP Entertainment Becomes The First Korean Entertainment Company To Join The Global Initiative To Use 100% Renewable Electricity

More companies should follow their example.

With the growing use of NFTs and the unsustainable practice of fans buying and tossing dozens or more K-Pop albums just to get certain photocards, the harm that the K-Pop industry is doing to the environment has become a topic of interest these days.

An excess of albums purchased by a fan to qualify for a seat at a fan meeting | THEQOO

Fortunately, there has been enough backlash against things such as NFTs that some companies have changed their minds about using them. One such company is JYP Entertainment, and they’ve now taken it a step further in terms of protecting the environment.

It has just been announced that JYP Entertainment has become the first Korean entertainment company to join K-RE100. This is the Korean version of RE100, which is a global initiative that encourages businesses to transition to using 100% renewable electricity in their productions.

JYP Entertainment CEO Jung Wook, 3rd from left, and Korea Energy Agency Chairman Lee Sang-hoon, 3rd from right, pose at JYP’s HQ after a certificate awards ceremony held to recognize their use of renewable energy | JYP Entertainment

They recently received certification for joining the K-RE100 from the Korea Energy Agency, and was also recognized by the organization back in May for purchasing a renewable energy certificate to show their commitment to using renewable energy for their business.

JYP’s participation is meaningful, as it shows that the Korean entertainment industry is also seeking to use renewable energy like manufacturers.

— Korea Energy Agency

Stray Kids, under JYP Entertainment | JYP Entertainment

This isn’t the first time that JYP Entertainment has been vocal about their support for renewable energy and tackling climate change lately. They’ve made other recent decisions in these efforts such as running an eco-friendly corporate social responsibility business called “Love Earth”, and the label is also a member of “1% for the Planet,” which is a global network of businesses and individuals that provide funding and support for various environmental groups.

We decided to join the RE100 to be more responsible in tackling climate change, which requires international cooperation. We hope we can help more K-Pop fans realize the significance of using renewable energy and motivate more companies to take part in this initiative.

— JYP Entertainment

Graphic showing the impact that businesses using renewable energy has on global carbon emissions | RE100

We hope to see other Korean entertainment labels follow in their footsteps in the near future!

Source: The Korea Times