JYP Entertainment Gives Legal Response Regarding False Facts And Dissemination

They have taken stronger legal action.

On June 8, JYP Entertainment dropped an official statement through TWICE’s official Twitter account regarding malicious rumors.

This is not the first time JYP has released a statement regarding malicious rumors for their artists. This time, they stated that they have started legal action towards ‘specific communities’.

Hello this is JYPE. Recently, there have been cases of distributing and spreading false facts about artists through specific communities. We recognize this issue and have gathered evidence and filed a complaint against those who spread false facts, defamation, damage, and obstruction of business. We will be taking more legal action for similar cases.

They have taken action once again as they have felt that these rumors have not only hurt their artists but also the company as a whole.

We found that the contents that have been filed for defamation and disruption of business not only hurt our artists but also our company. Due to this, we will be taking the highest level of civil and criminal action. We have posted many times regarding taking legal action for the spread of false facts and dissemination regarding our artists. We plan to file complaints on a regular basis using our monitoring and fan reports about these matters through a law firm.

JYP hopes that no more damage will be done after these legal actions.

We hope that we have made our statement clear for these matters and that there will be no more damage. Thank you.

This is not the first time JYP has released a statement regarding taking legal action. They also released one earlier this year about taking legal action against those that sold and shared TWICE’s flight details.

Fans were also curious as to why the music broadcasts did not post an individual fan cam for member Jeongyeon for this comeback.

Fans later found out through a live stream session that Jeongyeon personally requested that they don’t upload her fancam because she wasn’t able to practice much due to her neck condition.

We hope that Jeongyeon feels better soon and that stronger legal action will help in protecting the artists and the company.

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