JYP Entertainment praised for their quick response on TWICE’s sexy uniform issue

JYP Entertainment has issued a quick response with regards to the latest controversy criticising him for sexualising TWICE’s uniform advertisement. 

On October 14th, JYP Entertainment announced that they spoken to the uniform company Skool Looks and decided to modify the concept of the advertisement. They have further explained that they have agreed to take down the existing promotional posters.

Praised for their quick response to the controversy, the agency assured that they will continue to participate in the modification and validation process of any shoot of their artists and promised that such incident shall not occur once more.

Earlier today, it was recalled that the agency and idol group TWICE were accused of sexualising students through their risqué uniforms and subliminal catch phrases. This led to the netizens to criticise the group, agency and uniform company for their provocative marketing which led to the circulation of a petition to boycott or ban it.

Meanwhile, TWICE is the latest group under the agency to make their debut on October 20th.

Source: Dispatch