JYP Entertainment reveals they did not agree to Sunye retiring

Earlier today, we reported in breaking news that Sunye announced she would be retiring from the entertainment industry, and therefore Wonder Girls. Now, JYP Entertainment has revealed that they did not agree to what she has stated in her interview.

In a the interview Sunye revealed, “Return to the entertainment industry? That won’t ever happen!” The article, titled, “The emptiness of popularity, I wish to spend my life resolving myself through the gospel and in Jesus” goes into detail of the artist dedicating her life to missionary work.

Now, JYP Entertainment has released a statement in response stating, “Our contract with Sunye is still valid, Sunye’s statement has not been talked over with the company and the company has nothing to say at this point.”

The company then released another statement revealing, “We believe Sunye was referring to her plans in the far future, not the immediate future when she made her statement at a church event in the US. This does not mean that Wonder Girls will be disbanding or that Sunye is leaving. Nothing has changed.”

Stay tuned for more information on this developing story.

Source: Star News