JYP Entertainment Partners Up With Sony Music To Create “Japanese Version Of TWICE”

The “Girl Group Project” is underway.

JYP Entertainment will be producing a new girl group in Japan in partnership with Sony Music.

Park Jin Young will reportedly be announcing more about the project during a press conference at the Sony Music headquarters in Tokyo, Japan next month.


JYP and Sony Music’s “Girl Group Project” was announced last July during Park Jin Young’s lecture at the “2018 Macquarie Emerging Industries Summit” held at the COEX Auditorium in Seoul.

At the time, Park Jin Young categorized JYP’s vision into the four categories: “Company in Company”, “Globalization by Localization”, “JYP Music Factory” and “Creativity from Happiness.” This new girl group project will be part of the “Globalization by Localization” category.


He described the process of “Globalization by Localization” into the following three steps:

The first step of K-Pop is to export Korean contents abroad. The second step is to discover talent globally and combine them with Korean artists (example: 2PM’s Nichkhun, who is Thai-American). The next step is to actaully train and produce talented individuals abroad. JYP’s first project for this step is the 6-member Chinese group, Boy Story, consisting of male idols with an average age of 13. We are also preparing a girl group consisting of all Japanese members. It will be like an all-Japanese-member TWICE.

ㅡ Park Jin Young


Meanwhile, a large-scale audition for the “Girls Group Project” will begin this summer.

Source: Tenasia