An Alleged JYP Entertainment Staff Posted A Screenshot Regarding GOT7 And Fans Are Not Happy

Fans are not pleased.

A post on an online forum recently called out an alleged JYP Entertainment staff member for their post on social media, in light of recent events with GOT7 discussing contract renewals and eventually making their decision to leave the company.

The alleged staff posted a screenshot of GOT7’s “The End” along with its lyrics, onto their Instagram story.

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As it includes lyrics including “I’ll probably regret this moment” and “they say you’ll know how precious something is when you lose it“, fans have reacted negatively to the post.

  • “F*ck no but Park Jin Young is the most hypocritical. It’s written in the OP as well but during their rookie days, he told a member, who he said was like his son, that the member couldn’t gather more than 30 fans while he himself could get more than 30 on live stream easily. And he goes on and on about character education? What’s even more so is that, that member came over from overseas without his parents and suffered, tried to be cheerful and kept calling him hyung but what he got in return was people cutting him down. They even told the kids during their rookie days to read the reactions from the public online, and told them to check DC galleries. What kind of company is that? That’s exactly JYP.”
  • “No but to be honest the person who earns the least in the company is Park Jin Young so why is he acting up. He sent the Wonder Girls to America and blew all the company money and their singers finally revived the company and now he’s f*cking singing like he’s a current day idol, I really f*cking hate to see it. The 30 people comment was a shock. Ahjussi, didn’t you think people weren’t watching because of you?”
  • “F*ck I’m so pissed off at the 30 people thing. How can he say that to Jackson? He was talking like that while saying stuff like paying hotel fees and food expenses were a pity and stuff, all to the young kid. What character values. He’s f*cking gaslighting. Perhaps instead of educating the kids you should train your employees better.”
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On the other hand, GOT7 and Ahgases are absolutely thrilled to be embarking on a new journey outside the company!

Source: pann