JYP Entertainment states 2AM has not officially disbanded

JYP Entertainment has released a short statement following the news that the 2AM members had parted ways.

Just moments ago, reports revealed that half of 2AM had not renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment (herein JYPE), virtually disbanding the group as the members went their separate ways.

With their contracts ending in February 2015, members Seulong and Jinwoon opted not to renew with JYPE while Jokwon chose to stay with the agency. Changmin‘s contract, however, does not expire until July. Seulong signed with SidusHQ to further his career as an actor, while Jinwoon is nearing the end stages of signing with Yoon Jong Shin‘s agency Mystic Entertainment, which will allow him to focus on both his acting and music career.

On March 26th, JYP Entertainment spoke to Joy News 24 and said, “2AM member Jokwon has decided to remain in JYP Entertainment. Im Seulong and Jung Jinwoon has informed the agency that they will move to another agency, and JYPE respects their decision.”

With the leave of two members, 2AM could technically be classified as disbanded. However, JYPE further commented, “It’s not an official disbanding. The members are like family to each other. Although the agencies are different, as long as they want to they will stay as 2AM.”

The statement gives further hope to fans about seeing the four members reunite on stage in the future. This brings to mind the reunion and comebacks of Shinhwa, whose career as a group began in 1998, with the members making a comeback together despite being under different agencies after four years of hiatus.

2AM debuted on July 11, 2008 with “This Song,” and has been well-received over the past seven years as both a dance and ballad idol group.

Source: Joy News 24