JYP Entertainment To Take Legal Action Against Those That Violate DAY6’s Privacy

JYPE will do their best to keep their artists safe.

On May 28, DAY6‘s official Twitter page posted a notice regarding taking legal action against the invasion of privacy.

The notice stated that despite posting warning and announcements regarding invasion of privacy, they have found people to continue these behaviors.

Hello this is JYPE. We thank everyone who has supported and loved DAY6 and we hope that everyone can help in keeping our artists safe.

The following guidelines below are for those who will be blacklisted.

[Blacklist behavior]

-the action of waiting around for DAY6 at the JYP building, practice room, recording studio, dorm, etc. on the days they don’t have any schedules.

-the action of following DAY6 (including in the car) around the JYP building, practice room, recording studio, dorm, as well as any other destinations.

-the action of following DAY6 members during personal schedules


They make it clear to those that continue this type of behavior will be punished by law.

These types of behaviors have continued to be repeated even though we have announced guidelines regarding this before. The amount of people who have continued to follow their schedules or stalking them from close by has given our artists an extreme amount of stress.

The action of ‘following someone around continuously without their consent or waiting for them in hiding’ is considered a violation of rights and can be punished under law. We are collecting evidence through CCTV footage from around the building.

We will take legal action to those that continue to repeat these actions and violate the safety and privacy of our artists, regardless of any warnings received or if they have been blacklisted.

We ask My Day to please help us in working towards creating a more safe environment for our artists. Thank you.


DAY6 released their new album The Book of Us: The Demon on May 11 and their title track “Zombie” and topped music charts. This album also topped the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart, showing their global popularity.

Just before the release of their album, they announced that they would be taking a break from activities due to focus on their mental health.

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