[★TRENDING] JYP Entertainment to officially file a lawsuit against malicious death messages towards Suzy

In response to the anti-fan who left death threats on miss A’s Suzy’s Twitter account, JYP Entertainment has said an official lawsuit is being prepared against the malicious netizen.

On November 11th, JYP Entertainment released a statement claiming that the agency’s legal team officially began the process of filing a lawsuit, stating, “We will be submitting a lawsuit against Suzy’s anti-fan who left negative comments through the prosecutor’s office.

JYP Entertainment added, “There will be absolutely no legal leniency or tolerance. As much as our artists have been hurt and threatened, we plan on responding with the utmost firm and vigorous actions possible. We are very insistent on taking harsh legal actions against Suzy’s anti-fan. We will not overlook this incident.

The incident began on November 10th, miss A’s Suzy hauled an enormous amount of attention after responding to a series of heinous messages left by a hateful netizen on her Twitter account.

The netizen’s tweets included messages such as, “Get banned from the entertainment industry! Get into a car crash and die,” and, “You sickening person.. I wish you’d get into a car crash and die..” in which the miss A member retaliated, “You want me to die, I see.

Source: Newsen