JYP Entertainment Trainees Used To Think TWICE’s Jihyo Was A Foreigner, Here’s Why

“A lot of people thought Jihyo was mixed.”

Recently, TWICE held an interview with Bollywood Hungama, where they were asked about their first impressions of each other.

Out of all the members, Tzuyu‘s first impression of Jihyo was the most memorable.

Tzuyu Pre-Debut 
Jihyo Pre-Debut

On the day they met for the first time, Jihyo was hosting a Christmas event for the trainees and interviewed her.

It was during monthly evaluations during the Christmas season. You were the MC. You interviewed me. You talked to me.

— Tzuyu

She was new to the company and was struck by Jihyo’s big eyes. Because of that feature, she mistakenly thought that Jihyo was a foreigner!

I had just entered the company, and you were such a wide-eyed girl. I saw you, and I thought, ‘Her eyes are so huge.‘ I thought you were mixed-raced.

— Tzuyu

It wasn’t just Tzuyu who believed that. “A lot of people thought Jihyo was mixed when I was a trainee,” Nayeon said.

Jihyo agreed but added that her facial features have changed since then, so she now looks fully Korean.

Right. I looked more like that back then. Now I really look Korean.

— Jihyo

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