JYP Entertainment Warns Fans Invading Stray Kids’ Privacy

We hope the boys stay safe and well.

JYP Entertainment has shared a second statement warning sasaengs of Stray Kids that they are taking legal action.

Despite our previously shared policy of taking action regarding cases involving our artist’s privacy, there are still cases of people committing actions such as: waiting artists outside of the dorm, company, or salon, following the artist when they are traveling, attempting physical contact and grabbing, and coming inside the dorm building’s entrance. Because of this, the artists have had severe psychological suffering and they are unable to have the everyday life that they require.

As we have announced previously, for all actions that violate the private life and personal rights of our artists, the violator will be placed on a permanent black list for Stray Kids fan club activities and we will carry out criminal complaints and accusations to the police after collecting evidence through CCTV and monitoring.

Our company considers our artist’s safety the top priority and we promise that we will take strong action by using every measure possible, including legal punishments. We ask for the cooperation of the people who cherish Stray Kids.
Thank you.

—JYP Entertainment

The statement helps the fight for K-Pop artists’ privacy that fans have been fighting for a long time. Fans are hoping tha other companies will do the same to protect their artists and that this will not just be a statement, but action.

Source: JYP Entertainment

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