JYP Entertainment Will Be Debuting Their New Girl Group Before The End Of The Year

The plan is to reveal the new girl group with in the next five months!

JYP Entertainment is almost ready to reveal the next rookie girl group in line. Korean press continue to forecast that the new idol group will debut before the end of 2018.


Produce 101 Season 1 winner Jeon Somi is most likely to debut with this group.


There are four other trainees, whom appeared with Jeon Somi at a TWICE concert, hence increasing their likelihood of being a part of the upcoming group, that are expected to debut soon.

From left to right, Jeon So Mi – Lee Chae Ryeong – Hwang Ye Ji – Shin Ryu Jin – Choi Su Ji


TV program MIXNINE‘s winner Shin Ryujin is one trainee with a very high likelihood to debut in the new group.


Trainee Choi Suji, also spotted with Shin Ryujin, is is another strong candidate for debut.


One of the more popular trainees, Lee Chaeryeong, who competed in SIXTEEN, will probably join the group as the main dancer.


Trainee Hwang Yeji, who appeared on the TV program Stray Kids, is expected to debut as a member as well.


Other trainees often discussed in line with the soon-to-debut group include idol-actress trainees Shin Eunsoo and Shin Yuna. While these two trainees have not been spotted with the group of five mentioned above, they already have a strong fan base that is urging JYP Entertainment for their inclusion in the debuting group.

Shin Eun Soo


Shin Yu Na


There is a lot of anticipation building around the final members’ list for JYP Entertainment’s next idol group in line. With only five months left in 2018, and granted things stay on schedule, fans will soon be able to find out!

Source: Sports Donga and wngml3974