JYP Entertainment’s Chinese Boy Group BOY STORY Receive Divided Opinions After Their Appearance At KCON

“It’s KCON, a K-Pop concert. Why are you promoting a Chinese idol group?”

Recently, BOY STORY shocked fans when they appeared alongside their JYP Entertainment brother and sister groups at KCON Thailand. Fans were divided on their appearance at the event, with people commenting that they are a C-Pop group, not a K-Pop group.

BOY STORY debuted in September of 2018 in partnership with Tencent Music Entertainment Group. While the boys trained in Korea, they ultimately made their debut in China.

Since KCON is an event that celebrates Korean music and pop culture, some people expressed their confusion as to why they performed in the event, to begin with. They notably have no Korean members and do not sing and promote in Korea.

It’s KCON, a K-Pop concert. Why are you promoting a Chinese idol group?

– Korean Netizen

Some people have expressed that they don’t have any problems with BOY STORY performing in KCON. Netizens have pointed out how the boys of Produce 101 Japan are participating in KCON Japan, and that the Chinese sometimes invite Korean groups to promote Chinese cultural events. Some have also noted that despite being a C-Pop group, they are ultimately still under a Korean company and can perform on KCON if the company sees them fit to do so.

Check out their performance here:

Source: TheQoo