Fans Of JYP Groups Might Find Life Easier Following The Company’s New Partnership Deal

Your favourite album might be coming to a store near you.

JYP Entertainment is one of the largest music agencies in Korea, being a part of the traditional “big three” of YG, SM and JYP. The agency is quickly establishing a global presence due to the growing international popularity of their groups such as TWICE, GOT7, Stray Kids, ITZY and DAY6.

Korean labels partnering up with American companies is becoming a bit of a trend lately with SM partnering up with Hot Topic and Big Hit Entertainment partnering with both Columbia Records and Republic Records.

JYP Entertainment has announced a partnership with The Orchard, which is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. The purpose of the partnership is the global distribution of JYP goods, focusing on the United States and Europe.

The Orchard has previously worked with BTS, Eric Nam and Chung Ha so it isn’t their first foray into K-Pop. The hope for fans is that this partnership will make it easier for them to obtain JYPE’s artists’ merchandise such as physical albums.

Here’s hoping everyone can get their albums and other merchandise easier now!