Suzy releases her first teasers for solo debut “Yes?, No?” + launches website

Suzy‘s teasers for her solo debut album, “Yes? No?” have been released with the launch of official website.

The first of the teasers released shows Suzy’s back, and gave off a yearning and longing vibe, as Suzy leans on a windowsill. The second teaser shows Suzy lying on a bed, looking at the camera in a seductive way.

The third teaser is a provocative one, with Suzy combing her hands through her long, wavy hair, clad in black lace lingerie, and a silk choker.

JYP confirmed through their official SNS channels that Suzy’s solo title song, “Yes? No?” will be pre-released on January 17, and her solo album will be officially released on January 24th.

Check out her teasers down below:

Source: Dispatch