JYP New Girl Group’s Potential Names Uncovered By Fans

They believe these two copyrights will be the new group’s names.

JYP Entertainment announced that they’ve already finished filming the debut music video for their upcoming new girl group, which is rumored to debut in the first half of 2019 with 5 members.

As JYP is gearing up for the big reveal, fans are digging for every information they can find about the new group’s members, debut date, and more.

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Amidst their search, fans uncovered that JYP Entertainment had copyrighted the word, ITZY.

Documentation of the word, ‘ITZY’ being copyrighted by JYP Entertainment.


It soon led to netizens believing that ITZY will be the name of the new girl group, especially when social media accounts with “ITZYofficial” were created.


Just as fans began referring to the new girl group as ITZY, JYP Entertainment copyrighted another name: DENIMALZ. JYP purchased the copyrights for the name in multiple categories earlier this month.


Fans are now wondering which name the group will debut with, and if JYP is preparing one name for their K-Pop group and another for their J-Pop girl group.

Overall, the response towards the two names are mixed.

Source: eToday