JYP Is Now a Proud Father at 47 Years Old

Congratulations to JYP and his family!

Park Jin Young has become a proud father after 5 years of marriage.

On his official Instagram page, he uploaded a photo on January 25 along with the caption:

“My baby girl came into this world a little after 10 a.m. this morning.”

Park Jin Young also revealed a song he wrote for his new daughter and explained, “I haven’t slept since yesterday, so my voice is a mess, but I wanted to give her a gift. I want to share this with all the parents and children of the world.”

The photo shows Park Jin Young holding the hand of his newborn daughter and the lyrics of his song, “This Little Hand” reads as follows:

Until you let go this hand holding me tight
I’ll be by your side
So run and dream as much as you want my baby
Because everytime you fall I’m here

I know one day you’ll let go this hand and fly away
But if the world ever makes you fall
Never forget you have a place to come back to

Park Jin Young married a woman who is nine years younger than him back in October of 2013 and announced their expecting of their first child in September of 2018.

Source: Chosun