JYP Reveals The Next Place He Wants To Scout K-Pop Idols From

J.Y. Park always seems to find incredible talent to form K-Pop groups wherever he goes.

K-Pop as a genre has transcended all international borders and become a global phenomenon through the efforts of countless South Korean idols and staff.

BTS performing their song “Butter” at the 64th GRAMMY Awards | BANGTANTV/YouTube

One of the forerunners of the globalization of K-Pop is J.Y. Park, also known as JYP, founder of the company JYP Entertainment which has been responsible for the debut of famous groups such as 2PM, Wonder Girls, GOT7, TWICE, Stray Kids, ITZY, and NMIXX.

J.Y. Park (aka Park Jin Young) | @asiansoul_jyp/Instagram

In a recent interview with CNN Brasil, JYP gave his fans a deeper look into his thought process over the years, which led him to include non-Korean members in the groups he helped debut. He said it all began with him noticing that the music from early groups like Wonder Girls had a positive global response.

JYP interviewed by CNN Brasil | CNN Brasil Soft/YouTube

He went on to explain, “I saw the possibility. So I started mixing other nationalities into the group…that was Nichkhun in 2PM, you know BamBam (in GOT7).

JYP explained that the third and final step in the globalization of K-Pop was to create groups with non-Korean artists, like BOY STORY and NIZIU.

Currently, JYP is working on a project called A2K or America2Korea, a collaboration between JYP Entertainment and Republic Records to cast a new girl group with members exclusively from North America to train in the K-Pop system in South Korea.

The announcement for A2K | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

He also shared,

My next goal is in the Latin territory, like South America…that’s my next project in my mind. That’s why I really wanted to come here and feel you guys to see the energy and especially tomorrow I’m meeting the Brazilian fans. I get to see them, talk to them, shake their hands, and we’re gonna dance together, and I think that’s gonna give me an idea of my next project. This will be the Latin project, based on South America. I can’t wait.


This may not come as a big surprise to fans of groups from JYP Entertainment since their most recent Korean girl group, NMIXX, has already shown that they’re willing to learn South American languages like Spanish to connect with their fans.

NMIXX’s Jinni singing in Spanish on their single “Dice” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

K-Pop fans are looking forward to the upcoming group, which will debut from A2K, and the coming group JYP will form with members from South America!

Watch the full interview with J. Y. Park on CNN Brasil below. They discuss the globalization of K-Pop at the 4:46 mark.