JYP Set To Officially Debut Their First Chinese Boy Group BOY STORY

Here’s everything you need to know about BOY STORY.

JYP Entertainment recently announced the official debut plans for their first Chinese boy group, called BOY STORY.

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BOY STORY is a collaborative group between JYP China and the Chinese label called TME (Tencent Music Entertainment), and the first JYP boy group to only have Chinese members.


BOY STORY has already been preparing for their official debut through five pre-debut singles that they’ve released over the past year. Each of their singles were produced by Park Jin Young.

BOY STORY released their 1st single “HOW OLD R U” on September 1, 2017, “Can’t Stop” on December 15, and “JUMP UP” on March 30, 2018. They have one last pre-debut single set to drop on June 12, titled “Handz UP”.


The group will be holding their official debut this September in China.


BOY STORY is comprised of six Chinese members, Han Yu, Zi Hao, Xin Long, Ze Yu, Ming Rui, and Shu Yang. The surprising part about the members is that their average age is less than 13-years-old!

Han Yu (14), Zi Hao (13), Xin Long (13), Ze Yu (13), Ming Rui (12), and Shu Yang (11).


Despite their young age, BOY STORY has already garnered a large following of fans for their hip-hop style and powerful performances.


JYP announced that thanks to BOY STORY’s successful pre-debut promotions, they will be launching their official debut through a large showcase tour.

“BOY STORY has been preparing for their debut for 2 years. They’re aiming to set themselves apart from other Chinese idols by becoming ‘real idols’. They’ve already showcased the team’s style and skill levels through the free single projects. We expect BOY STORY will receive a lot of support and love from their Chinese fans. We’re also planning on launching BOY STORY’s official debut through a large showcase tour.” — JYP China


Meanwhile, BOY STORY has uploaded various videos showing their training methods to keep close to their fans.


The news of BOY STORY’s official debut is highly anticipated as many netizens have already been curious about the young trainees seen in front of JYP Entertainment.


The wait is soon to come to an end as BOY STORY will officially debut this September!

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