JYP To Take Strict Legal Actions To Protect Stray Kids From Sasaeng Fans Invading Their Privacy

JYP is making sure to protect their artists.

JYP Entertainment is taking strict legal actions to protect Stray Kids from sasaeng fans who invade their privacy.

They revealed that sasaeng fans have been illegally obtaining the members’ private information and leaking it to others. The members are facing psychological stress from the constant invasion of their privacy so the agency has declared that they will be taking strict actions against the sasaeng fans who continue.

There have been repeated offenses where our artists’ private information have been used to invade their privacy. This is a criminal offense that falls under the private information protection laws. We will be taking legal action against those who continue to violate this law.

The members are suffering significant psychological harm due to the violation of their privacy. The leaking or spreading of the Stray Kids’ private information must completely stop immediately.

— JYP Entertainment


They also gave an update on their current process against the malicious commenters and haters who continue to attack the members and spread false rumors.

They revealed that they have filed lawsuits and are awaiting the next stage in their legal battle.

We have currently completed filing lawsuits and are in process of charging the perpetrators.

— JYP Entertainment


Meanwhile, Stray Kids are preparing to drop their first full-English album, “Step Out Of Clé”, on January 24.

Stray Kids