JYP talks about Momo’s unusual eating habit

JYP himself has revealed the surprising secret to TWICE Momo‘s eating habits.

On a recent episode of SBS‘ K-Pop Star, JYP revealed that TWICE’s Momo has a secret to her eating habits.

Her secret is that she can eat whatever she wants, and as much as she wants, without worrying about gaining any weight.


No one knows if this incredible ability is due to her rigorous practice schedule, her constant dancing, or some secret unknown even to JYP.  Momo is known to eat extremely large amounts of food.

The envy of many, she freely enjoys eating but it does not affect her perfect figure according to JYP himself.

Despite eating whatever she wants, Momo still has some of the best abs in K-pop!

Where does all that jokbal go??
Momo somehow maintains her amazing body without a specific diet