JYP’s Male Idols All Have This One Thing In Common

All these groups have super athletic members.

JYP Entertainment‘s male idols have fantastic vocal talents, dance moves, handsome looks, and lovable personalities, but that’s not all they have in common.


These multi-talented men are also incredibly athletic!


When GOT7 debuted, their martial arts tricking skills set them apart from other groups. Tricking is an extremely athletic style of dance performance that incorporates movements from various fighting arts.

Both Mark and Jackson have wowed audiences with their astonishing tricks.


Jackson also used to be a part of Hong Kong’s Olympic fencing team.


He ranked 11th at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics and won first place at the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships in 2011.


GOT7 have used their athleticism in a number of creative ways, on and off the stage.


Anyone who plays hide and seek with them has a slim shot at winning!


Every single one of these goofballs is a born acrobat!


Yugyeom avoided capture by cramming himself into a corner…


…while Mark and Jackson…


…stayed just out of reach!


Not long after GOT7 debuted, another athletic boy group entered the K-Pop world: Day6. Many of its 5 members excel at sports.


During middle school, Young K‘s dream was to be a professional basketball player, not a singer. These days, he still enjoys playing it as a hobby.


Jae is amazing at badminton. During an episode of Cool Kiz on the Block, he was able to keep up with 2PM‘s “shuttlecock prince”, Nichkhun.


Nichkhun is another JYP Entertainment idol who is sporty AF. His badminton abilities are so impressive that he became the model for shuttlecock maker Yonex Korea.


He isn’t the only athletic 2PM member though. His group has some of the fittest bodies in K-Pop that took years of rigorous exercise to achieve.


Nichkhun and Taecyeon both showed off their physiques while performing mixed martial arts in this Coke Zero CF.


Speaking of martial arts, Chansung is a pro! He has been practicing taekwondo for eleven years and Kendo for more than seven.


Like a certain other labelmate, 2PM has a history of making games more challenging than necessary…


…by climbing all over the place!


It’s clear which seniors GOT7 takes after!


Stray Kids also has several sports-loving members. Changbin,Bang Chan and Hyunjin have all said that they play sports games in their spare time.


Ice skating, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be the group’s strong point!


JYP Entertainment’s newest and youngest boy group, BOY STORY, is already following in their seniors’ footsteps. Like Mark and Jackson, Hanyu and Mingrui both excel at martial arts tricking.


They are learning flips and other fun moves to incorporate into their choreography.


If the JYP Entertainment boys had a sports tournament, there’s no telling who the winner would be!