“K-Culture Festival in Chengdu 2015” delayed due to MERS

The upcoming K-Culture Festival in Chengdu 2015 has been delayed due to the aftermath of MERS outbreak in Korea.

On June 12th, the event’s sponsor, The Groove Entertainment, announced, “The upcoming event, which was originally planned to be held at Chengdu in China, has been delayed due to the MERS virus. The delayed festivals will be rescheduled once the outbreak is brought under control, probably around July or August.”

“Considering the festival to be one of the biggest cross-cultural event, the local officers have asked the participating artists and performing teams for cooperation and consent as well as promised to make this event an occasion to further spread awareness of Korean culture.

The three-day K-Culture Festival in Chengdu 2015 was initially scheduled from June 20th to 22nd with approximately 10,000 visitors expected per day include the participation of 500 staffs and artists.

Likewise, multiple large-scale events have been either cancelled or delayed since the outbreak of the MERS virus. Although such sponsoring companies have tried to enforce the events, China’s diplomatic correspondents and department of health have refused to tolerate mass admission events.

Source: My Daily