K-Drama Actor Lee Sang Bo’s Drug Tests Yield Negative Results

He was telling the truth when he denied using drugs.

A drug test conducted by a hospital after K-Drama actor Lee Sang Bo was arrested on September 10 for alleged drug use yielded that there were “No narcotic components detected, only the psychotropic components included in the antidepressant were confirmed to have tested positive.”

| @sangbo_1021/Instagram

Lee Sang Bo was arrested at his home in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam, on Sept. 10 for alleged use of illegal drugs. The police initially received a report about a man who seemed intoxicated and was wandering the streets.

CCTV footage showed the police taking the man into custody, who later was revealed to be Lee Sang Bo. Korean media further reported that according to the police, the actor had vomit marks around his mouth. and shirt. Dozens of pills were also found in his home.

Actor Lee Sang Bo escorted by the police |SBS

After the arrest, the police reported that Lee Sang Bo tested positive for morphine in a drug liver reagent test conducted at his home. However, the actor said in an interview with YTN that he had been taking medication for depression and anxiety for a long time, which caused the misunderstanding.

YTN obtained the drug test results from the hospital on the day of Lee’s arrest, which revealed that no drug components were detected.

Lee Sang Bo was last seen in the K-Drama Miss Montecristo.

Source: [Exclusive] Securing test results on the day of actor Lee Sang-bo's arrest... "Negative drug" and Korean actor arrested for drug use