K-Drama Actor So Ji Sub Got Nightmares While Shooting Mystery Murder Thriller “Confession”

For the first time, So Ji Sub is playing a shady lead character.

For the first time in his 28-year career, K-Drama actor So Ji Sub starred in a thriller genre through the movie Confession, which was an exciting change for him, especially with the type of main character he was given for a role.

Confession was an adaptation of the 2017 Spanish film The Invisible Guest, wherein a wealthy man named Yoo Min Ho (So Ji Sub) was suspected of killing his mistress in a hotel room while only the two of them were present. He then hired a talented lawyer, Yang Si Ae (Kim Yun Jin), who agreed to represent him only if he told her what truly happened.


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The role was a welcome change to So since he claimed he was tired of playing good guys in K-Dramas and movies and looked forward to a role that was different from his previous ones. He liked that his character was imperfect.

From the beginning, he is having an affair, so he is not a good person. But I did not think of him as someone who could kill someone. He made some wrong choices — one after another. In the end, they pile up, and he becomes a villain.

— So Ji Sub

He also credited the director, Yoon Jong Seok, for the cleverly written script.

Director Yoon’s script was very cleverly written. His version was meticulously crafted based on the original version, and he added a few flairs that tied into our film. That’s why I chose the movie.

— So Ji Sub

Although doing this mystery thriller was a great experience, So shared that he experienced having disturbing dreams of being attacked or chased all the way until they wrapped up shooting.

Most of the movie was shot in a cramped setting where the story unfolded mostly through conversations between his character Yoo Min Ho and his lawyer. This cramped set and close-up shots heightened the tension, such that he admitted it was suffocating.

However, he was thrilled to be working with Kim, describing her as professional and dedicated to her craft with such a great energy for the role that helped us create a powerful dynamic.”

Yoo Min Ho discusses his case with his lawyer Yang Si Ae in Confession | Lotte Entertainment

Confession was shot two years ago and was delayed for its theatre showing due to the pandemic. So is happy that his movie will finally be shown.

I’m glad that this is getting a theatrical release when many of the ready-made films are going to streamers. I understand that, especially now when there’s so much competition with other movies and streaming platforms, it’s hard to get people’s attention. But I hope our film is well-received by fans.

— So Ji Sub

Confession will be shown in theaters on October 26.


Source: The Korea Herald and The Korea Times
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