Viewers Are Praising K-Drama “Our Blues” For Casting Actress With Down Syndrome To Play A Character With The Condition

Netizens praised the show for “Depicting Jung Eun Hye naturally, and so lovely.”

The tvN drama Our Blues is receiving rave reviews for their latest episode for casting an actress with Down Syndrome to play a character with the condition.

Poster for “Our Blues” | tvN
Poster for “Our Blues” | tvN

The drama’s latest episode, received its second highest viewership rating of 11.2%.

In episode 14, Han Ji Min‘s character reveals her relationship with her sister, who has Down Syndrome. According to Healthline, Down Syndrome is a condition where the child is born with an extra 21st chromosome. The condition causes delays in physical and mental development as well as disabilities.

The show cast actress Jung Eun Hye, who lives with the condition in real life, to play the role of Han Ji Min’s sister Lee Young Hee.

Han Ji Min (left) Jung Eun Hye (right) | tvN

Lee Young Hee, who lives with Down Syndrome, is an artist who lives separate from her sister in a care home. The episode explores the guilt, struggle, and, love between Young Hee and Young Oak (Han Ji Min’s character).

More touching is the fact that it has been belatedly reported that the writer of the show, Noh Hee Kyung, wrote Young Hee’s character after meeting Jung Eun Hye.

Noh Hee Kyung | tvN

It is said Noh Hee Kyung based Young Hee’s character on Jung Eun Hye’s real-life love for drawing and people. The two are said to have met a year ago and have kept in touch ever since.

According to reports, actress Han Ji Min and actor Kim Woo Bin spent time with actress Jung Eun Hye and have gotten quite close. It is said that both Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin introduced the entire staff to Jung Eun Hye prior to shooting.

Kim Woo Bin (left) and Jung Eun Hye (right) | tvN
Behind the scenes footage of Our Blues | tvN

Netizens praised the show for “Depicting Jung Eun Hye naturally, and so lovely.” while other netizens thanked the show for introducing viewers to “many people from many different backgrounds.

Behind the scenes footage of Our Blues | tvN
Behind the scenes footage of Our Blues | tvN

K-Drama, Our Blues, has enjoyed an extraordinarily successful run since the drama’s first episode. The drama will be airing its final 15 and 16 episodes this weekend. If you haven’t yet begun the drama, make sure you check it out on Netflix.

Source: Newsen