The Secret To A Perfect K-Drama Kiss, According To The “Best Kiss Scene Actor”

A lot is happening behind the scenes of those steamy kisses.

Whether he’s starred in a gritty crime K-Drama…

Lee Dong Wook and Han Ji Eun’s “Bad and Crazy” kiss scene.

…or a romantic fantasy, veteran actor Lee Dong Wook has had more than a few kiss scenes with his talented co-stars.

One of Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah’s “Tale of the Nine Tailed” kiss scenes.

He’s even earned the title of “The Best Kiss Scene Actor” by K-Drama viewers. Because many people have wondered how Lee Dong Wook always nails a kiss scene, he shared the secret on The K-Star Next Door.

For the romantic scene to turn out perfectly, Lee Dong Wook realized it needed to be refreshing. He said, “For the kiss scene, what matters the most is being unique.” There was a specific way he made it happen.

Rather than doing the typical moves that other actors would during a kiss, Lee Dong Wook changed it up. He explained, “I’d try the poses I wouldn’t normally try.

Most importantly, Lee Dong Wook communicates with his co-star to make sure she feels comfortable and approves of the changes.

But I can’t just choose it on my own. I need the actress’ consent. So we compromise.

— Lee Dong Wook

That’s precisely how Lee Dong Wook and actress Han Ji Eun nailed their steamy kiss scene in Bad and Crazy. Viewers would’ve never thought the two tried multiple poses and had lengthy discussions to make the kiss perfect.

Listen to the veteran actor share why his kiss scenes always turn out flawless.