K-Drama “Penthouse” Yoon Jong Hoon Reveals Who He Wants To End Up With In Season 3

Who’s excited for season 3?

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With the end of SBS K-Drama Penthouse Season 2, SBS held a special show titled Penthouse 2- Hidden Room: An Unfinished Story with all the actors.

During the special episode, host Shin Dong Yeop asked actress Eugene (Oh Yoon Hee) if there was anyone else that she wanted to have a love line with. She answered, “I think I am just done with men now.” She also told actor Yoon Jong Hoon to “Go away” as well.

Shin Dong Yeop then asked Yoon Jong Hoon, “A happy ending with Chun Seo Jin, or a happy ending with Oh Yoon Hee. Who is it that’s in your heart?”

While Yoon contemplated his answer, he joked, “Well since she (Eugene) said she doesn’t need me,” and pointed to Kim So Yeon as his answer.

After hearing his answer, Eugene responded with, “I don’t need him, you can keep him!”, while Kim So Yeon laughed at her answer.

The final episode of Penthouse Season 2 revealed what seemed like Logan Lee blowing up in flames, stirring up many questions and speculations from netizens.

Penthouse 3 is expected to air its first episode this June.

Source: insight