This K-Drama Underdog Is Receiving An Explosive Amount Of Love, Quickly Becoming A Must-Watch Among Koreans

A feel-good story about a feel-good story!

Not all K-Dramas are created equally.

Certain K-Dramas are destined for popularity, while others are relegated to the fate of being ignored entirely.

For example, powerhouse K-Drama networks tvN and Jtbc usually feature star-studded lineups.

Poster of Song Joong Ki in tvN’s Vincenzo | tvN
Kim Dami (left) and Park Seo Jun (right)  in Jtbc’s Itaewon Class | Jtbc

Recent tvN drama Our Blues featured a dream-team cast starring Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Kim Woo Bin, Han Ji Min, Cha Seung Won, Kim Hye Ja, Go Doo Shim, Lee Jung Eun, and Uhm Jung Hwa. That is nine of Korea’s brightest stars appearing in one drama.

Poster for Our Blues | tvN
Shin Min Ah (right) and Lee Byung Hun (left) in poster for Our Blues | tvN

Other dramas, in comparison, can have a much more modest cast.

Little known station ENA‘s drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo is one of these dramas.

Poster for Extraordinary Attorney Woo | ENA

The drama stars actress Park Eun Bin, who plays Woo Young Woo, a lawyer who is also on the autism spectrum.

Park Eun Bin | Singles

The drama depicts the character, whose high IQ is contrasted by a lower EQ, navigating the court of law.

Park Eun Bin | @eunbining0904/Instagram

Park Eun Bin had prior starred in smaller memorable roles in the dramas Stove League and Hello, My Twenties before landing her breakout role in KBS‘s The King’s Affection.

Poster for Stove League | SBS
Poster for The King’s Affection | KBS

The drama also stars Kang Tae Oh and Kang Ki Young. Kang Tae Oh previously starred as the third lead man in Doom At Your Service and Run On. Kang Ki Young is best known for his breakout role, playing Park Seo Jun‘s confidant in tvN’s What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

Poster for Run On | Jtbc
Kang Ki Young in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim | tvN

When Extraordinary Attorney Woo first aired, it only received a small viewership rating of 0.9. The viewers of the episode, however, raved about it the drama, and through word of mouth, the drama’s second episode doubled in viewership rating (1.8).

Fans have taken to the feel-good story about the law savant, with an online post titled, “What is wrong with Extraordinary Attorney Woo?” going viral.

In the post, the author writes that the only thing wrong about the drama is that only episodes 1 and 2 have been released.

I watched the first and second episodes, and it’s so fun. The drama’s only mistake is that episode three hasn’t come out yet.

— Netizen

Many netizens felt the same way and expressed their love for the drama in the comments. It seems many are struggling to wait for the drama’s next episodes to air on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • “Wish it was Wednesday already!”
  • “Wednesday, you better hurry up!”
  • “Please… My YouTube’s algorithm is messed up, so I had nothing to watch, so I watched it on Netlfix, but only episode 2 has been released ㅠ. I’m in K-Drama purgatory ㅠ. This drama is so fun!”
  • “The characters are charming, lol, especially the sunbae attorney.”
  • “Ah, seriously, release episode 3 already.”
  • “No, I watched episode two yesterday… tell me this is a lie.”
  • “Ah, I should’ve waited for the drama to be over and binge it. I can’t wait ㅠㅠ.”
  • “I can’t believe only episode 2 has been released…”

Have you started watching the drama? It is available on Netflix in certain countries, so make sure not to miss out! In the meantime, check out the trailer in the link below!

Source: Theqoo