K EXO-L’s Begin Boycott Against EXO’s Chen And Demands Withdrawal From Group

Fans are getting ready to protest.

After news of EXO Chen‘s marriage and soon-to-be born child, fans have showed different reactions to the news. While some were happy for him and supported the news, some felt betrayed by him. Fans began posting photos and evidence online revealing hints from the past that showed that Chen had been in a relationship all this time.


An EXO fan gallery released a ‘EXO Chen Withdrawal Request’ online and voiced their opinions about Chen continuing with EXO.

They stated that they had gone through many hardships after EXO’s debut and felt that he did not have the right to stay with the group anymore. “We have gone through many hardships since EXO’s debut and we have come to the conclusion that he is not fit for the group anymore. We are declaring our boycott against EXO’s Chen.”


They also requested for SM Entertainment to respond to their statement as soon as possible. “We will be boycotting all of Chen’s activities starting today. We will also be waiting for a response from SM Entertainment.”


Read the full statement below:

Request For The Withdrawal Of EXO’s Chen

We do not accept EXO Chen’s decision and we do not think he has the right to promote under EXO’s name. We are requesting his withdrawal from the group. There have been many hardships since EXO’s debut and we have protected their name together with the group. We have come to the decision that Chen is not qualified to be a part of this group and will be boycotting all of his activities starting from today. We will also be waiting for a quick response from SM Entertainment.

-January 13, 2020 #CHEN_Out


Fans created new accounts and fan sites to discuss plans for Chen’s withdrawal.

“This site will be a place to work together to plan different ways to have Chen withdraw from EXO due to his decision to teint the image of the group. Please join our site and give us your opinions.


Many K EXO-L’s gathered together on the fan cafe and have begun making plans on how to protest and how to spread the withdrawal request online. 





Foreign fans are shocked at K EXO-L’s actions and have started to report these accounts and start new hashtags to try and erase the negative messages.






What are your thoughts on these protests from fans? Do you think Chen deserves this?

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