K-Media Show Concern With Emergence Of Fifth-Generation Boy Groups

Maybe fast isn’t always good.

With the new shift in a generation change in the K-Pop music industry, the media wonder how this will affect the current fourth-generation groups. Expectations are growing for fourth-generation boy groups this year, starting with the new album released by TXT. The rise of fourth-generation groups such as ATEEZ, Stray Kids, and ENHYPEN are also expected to continue this year.

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Fourth-generation groups have solidified their fandom at home and abroad by producing content and concerts through various online platforms amidst the crisis caused by COVID-19. In addition to their different storylines and talents, they have expanded into a global fandom by introducing high-quality content incorporating K-Pop trend changes.

While expectations continue to grow for changes in the music industry following the rising trend of fourth-generation boy groups, the emergence of upcoming fifth-generation boy groups is also drawing attention as a major concern in the music industry.

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At the end of last year, the stock market predicted that generation change with fifth-generation boy groups would be the keyword for 2023. In addition, many boy group audition programs including Boys Planet, Fantasy Boys, Peak Time, and more, will air this year, starting the beginning of the new generational change.

Amid the positive growth trend of the fourth-generation boy groups who are gradually expanding their position on a global scale, the appearance of the fifth-generation groups could cause a crisis. Music producer Chakun stated, “In an atmosphere where fourth-generation boy groups expect career highs with good achievements, the generation is too fast. This fast-paced change could result in some regrettable outcomes.”

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He continued, “When working with boy groups, you can feel their pure passion and strong teamwork. I am concerned that the current rapid generation change may become a crisis for the groups working hard while maintaining their original intentions and dreams. I hope they will continue reaching their dreams while keeping a humble mindset.”

Source: xportsnews