K-MUCH to pre-release track “December 24” ahead of comeback

Male group K-MUCH will be pre-releasing a digital single, titled “December 24,” ahead of their official comeback with a new album.

“December 24” is said to have a dreamy beat and is said to have been written by Hwang Sung Jin, who was responsible for Kim Soo Hyun’s “Moon Embracing the Sun” OST track, “The One and Only You.” Composer Kim Chang Rak also partook in the track, and is known to have composed many of MC THE MAX’s hit songs.

According to Chrome Entertainment, who also houses Crayon Pop, said, “The song ‘December 24’ has an acoustic guitar sound that represents the pain of separation well. K-MUCH has chosen to to release ‘December 24’ ahead of time for the fans who have been awaiting them a long time. The track will be in their upcoming comeback album as well. Please wait a little longer and look forward to their comeback.”

Their pre-release digital single is set to be release on February 17th.

source: Kyungjae Today