K-Netizens Find Entertainment Weekly’s Description Of BTS To Be The Most Accurate

Chaotic BTS is the best BTS.

Although there are numerous titles and descriptions about BTS, K-netizens found Entertainment Weekly’s interview description of the group to be the closest to the members actual personality.

This short yet accurate description seemed to understand the chaotic yet loving manner of the boys that ARMYs love so much.

Though they’re unfailingly polite and attentive in interviews, there’s a certain amount of contained chaos when they’re all together — a sort of tumbling-puppy cyclone of playful shoves, back slaps, and complicated handshakes — but also a surprising, endearing sweetness to the way they treat one another in quieter moments.

| Jeenah Moon/Reuters

When a question is posed to the group, they work hard to make sure each one of them is heard, and if someone is struggling to find a word, they’ll quickly reach out for a reassuring knee pat or side hug.

Although they may have their chaotic moments…

…they are also very supportive of one another.

They are the happiest when together on stage…

…as well as off stage!

This is the exact reason we fell in love with them and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Source: theqoo