K-Netizens Are Worried SM Entertainment Won’t Be Able To Release All Comebacks Set For This Year

What do you think about SM’s current comeback lineup?

With just two months left of 2020, many fans of SM Entertainment groups are slowly getting worried about their idols’ comeback dates.

Let’s take a look at the comebacks that SM should be releasing by the end of this year.


2020 marked BoA’s 20 year anniversary since debut, but after announcing her comeback in February, the date got pushed back and has even passed her actual debut date. Most recently, she has finished filming the photo shoot.

Super Junior

It is also Super Junior’s 15th anniversary since debut on November 6. It has been revealed that the music video has been filmed and that they will drop a pre-release on November 6 with an official comeback in December.


Taemin is set to comeback with Act 2 : Never Gonna Dance Again and has finished filming the music video for it. He has also recorded some variety shows and just gave a spoiler through a live stream that his comeback will be in the beginning of November.

NCT 2020

NCT fans are waiting patiently for part 2 of their comeback. It is said that this comeback will have different members from part 1 and will release in November.

TVXQ’s Yunho

TVXQ member Yunho is supposed to have a solo comeback and has done pre-orders in Japan since August.

EXO’s Kai

News of EXO Kai’s solo debut popped up in July and is supposed to release in the second half of 2020. No news or details have been released yet.

Red Velvet

A comeback with all five members of Red Velvet is in the works according to member Yeri who revealed that they were busy preparing for it.


New rookie girl group aespa is set to debut this November.

Now while it’s great to see so many SM artists preparing for a comeback, fans can’t help but wonder how they are going to get all these releases out in just two months. Some are worried that some of these comebacks could be pushed back to 2021 due to the time crunch. In cases like BoA and Super Junior, it wouldn’t make sense to push it back to next year since it is their debut anniversary album.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding SM group comebacks!