K-Pop 18+ Sex Fan Fiction Live Reading @ KCON: Cringiest Video Ever?

The cringiest award in K-Pop definitely goes to these fans, who participated in the official KCON “Live Erotic / Sexual K-Pop Fanfiction Reading” event. For the first time ever, KCON decided to hold an 18+ fiction reading, with the moderator being Hoon Bae, a staff member of CJ E&M and KCON. In the event, fans were given the opportunity to read their heavily sexualized fan fictions, some being incredibly obscene.

Hoon himself decided to participate in the sexual role play by reading aloud Super Junior Heechul‘s part in one of the fan fictions. Watch the video below!


Here’s a transcript of one of the readings.


[He] positioned his cock beneath the entrance as he slammed his ass down on his cock, fucking himself raw. Baekhyun let out a ear-pearcingly high moan that was erotic and sexual and it really hurt. Chen moaned roughly, a little high pitched as well, as he felt Baekhyun’s tightness closing around his cock as his member swelled within Baekhyun.

Some fans were lucky enough to capture the moment on video and shared it via Twitter. Check it out below:

Fans immediately went to Twitter to share their disgust and disappointment at the reading being allowed at KCON with idols roaming the event.