EXO introduced by DAZED as the “K-Pop Band Who Are Bigger Than One Direction”

One of K-Pop’s most popular boy group EXO was recently interviewed by DAZED where the magazine stated they were the biggest boy group in the world.

In the article and interview published on June 12th (PST), it highlights EXO’s dramatic entrance into the Korean pop music industry back in 2011. At the time, 23 teasers were released on behalf of the group, introducing each member as an alien from the planet EXO, each having their own super powers. Even now, fans continue to decipher the complicated narrative behind the teasers.

The interviewer from DAZED touches on the members’ relationship to one another, as they have spent time together even before their official debut. They said, “There isn’t really any awkwardness between us since we’ve been together for at least six to seven years, starting from training. We’re like a family where one can seek comfort and support. We spend more and more time together, we understand each other better, and that helps strengthen our bond, which creates great synergy on stage. As you said, we’re all around our mid-20s and we think we’ve become manlier compared to our debut. What do you think? No?”

During the interview, Suho revealed that his responsibilities as leader of the group is a quality he has brought into his acting, saying, ” This really helped me a lot when acting as I become responsible for the character from the very beginning to the end, and I also have to pay close attention to the other characters in order to create balance.”

He additionally adds that as actors must hold their expressions and actions for their characters for a longer period of time, the elements he has learned as an actor has helped him improve on stage. “Through acting, I’ve learned to express myself more freely, diversely, and also to communicate with the fans better, which helps me enjoy the stage more,” he said.

One of the more busy members of the group due to his activities in both China and South Korea, Lay reveals, “I don’t try to balance between work and personal time. If I try to, I can’t to do either one properly. So I tend not to make things complicated and just focus on one or the other. As you said, I lived a busy year so didn’t have a lot of time to rest, but was thankful that I had the chance to try various experiences. Since it’s what I desire to do I enjoy every moment, although it might be physically tiring sometimes!” 

The EXO member continues to say that his idea of relaxing is working on songs for his fans as their enjoyment of their tracks is what energizes him.

When asked Sehun whether he’s changed at all since his debut days, Sehun notes that he became more mature and responsible due to his activities with EXO. He adds, “Although it’s quite embarrassing to put this in words, how I feel for the members luckily hasn’t changed and won’t in the future either!”

In regards to his celebrity and private life, Xiumin admits that their private life naturally gets exposed due to their statuses as celebrities. And so, he adds, “So instead of being sensitive about it and finding a way to separate one from the other, I try not to get stressed about it. But as a celebrity, where many, especially young people, are watching, I try to be more responsible in my words and actions.”

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Source: Dazed