K-Pop Fans Are Going Crazy Over SEVENTEEN’s Lighsticks, Here’s Why

SEVENTEEN‘s light stick makes headlines for its beautiful appearance and their fans, Carats couldn’t be more proud.

The Pledis Entertainment boy group’s official light stick captivated the hearts of fans with its fancy and stylistic design. Fans compiled photos of the newly designed device of fans using the light sticks at their recent concert. The photos gave the concert a new exciting glow.

The light stick design contains the formation of a pink diamond inside a clear globe. The inside of the globe also contains glitter so the stick appears to sparkle with little stars – the way a snowglobe does with snow. When the light stick is turned on, the diamond inside glows brightly and the tiny pieces of glitter shine like little stars in the night sky.

Check out the beautiful photos of the light stick below!

SEVENTEEN’s light stick is even more beautiful in the dark.
Their light sticks glow like stars in the sky.
The SEVENTEEN logo features on the top of the diamond.
The light stick looks like it has little stars forming galaxies inside.
Carats are excited to have the official design!
It almost looks like an expensive perfume bottle.
Even the box for their light stick looked fancy.

The new design is sure to become iconic and memorable alongside other famous lightsticks such as the A.R.M.Y. Bomb, VIXX‘s STARLIGHT Stick and more.