K.Will stays with Starship Entertainment and renews contract

Singer K.Will has renewed his contract with Starship Entertainment, which marks his 8th year together with the agency as of March 24th. 

The singer and the agency’s relationship began in 2007, in which K.Will began his singing career with the released of his debut album Left Heart. At the time, Starship was a rookie agency in the industry with K.Will as their one and only singer.

Since then, the agency has expanded their realm in the music industry with hit singers, including SISTAR, Boyfriend, JunggiGo, Mad Clown, and more.

According to K.Will’s aquaintance, “K.Will has never thought about moving to another agency despite the expiration of the contract was soon approaching. He places much meaning on debuting and developing together with the agency since the beginning. Also, he is thankful to the agency’s CEO and staff members for supporting him for the past eight years and wants to keep his loyalty to them.”

After completing his contract renewal, K.Will plans to comeback to the music scene with his sixth mini-album, in which the title track, “Growing (Flowers Bloom),” is composed by Kim Do Hoon, who has helped mastering K.Will’s songs since “Dropping the Tears” in 2009.

Meanwhile, actor Son Ho Joon and actress Park Ha Sun are to show a romantic chemistry for the music video.

Source: Yonhap News