Kahi gets her abs back after five months

It’s been a few months since Kahi gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, but she is already back in perfect shape and has been showing off her abs to prove it.

Kahi has always been known as someone who absolutely loves exercising and cares about her physical fitness. Of course, she had to pause her usual exercise routine when she was pregnant with her firstborn son, but she was eager to get back into shape as soon as she could.

After giving birth in October, Kahi was motivated and more than ready to start working out again a month later. In November, After School‘s former leader uploaded a picture of herself in sports attire that showed off her body with a caption notifying fans that she has begun exercising at home.

“It’s now been 45 days since I gave birth. I started home training after a month of giving birth and I started pilates a week ago. Since my condition was good, even after birth – I am easing into a good transformation. Anyways, one must dictate their life with exercise.”

— Kahi

It’s been four months since then, and Kahi recently updated fans with the results of her workout. Wearing a sports bra and exercise pants, she proudly shows how her muscular arms and abs have returned!

“Today there’s another photoshoot! Everyone, let’s workout. I worked out because my mom used to help me but I now know that working out at home is equally or more important than working out outside.”

— Kahi

Kahi’s hard work has certainly paid off, and with the busy schedule of raising a newborn son, it’s incredible that she was able to get in shape so quickly!