EXO’s Kai Goes Undercover As A Factory Worker To Package His Own Albums

Is that you Kai?

In the latest The Adventures of Young-JiYoung Ji headed to a factory and found out she would be packaging EXO Kai‘s newest solo mini-album, KAI (开). She learned the ropes to packaging an album. From carefully placing the CD in the case to sticking stickers on, she did it all.

Suddenly, a random employee with silver hair, sunglasses, and a beanie appeared from nowhere and joined Young Ji. To EXO-L, the new employee, who claimed he is a monitor, was clearly the amazing K-Pop idol Kai…But we’ll pretend not to know for the sake of the video.

Of course, Young Ji knew it was Kai from the start as well.

The video turns into a chaotic mess once Kai stepped in and almost blew his cover along the way. Young Ji showed Kai one of the albums photo cards to which Kai said “Oh it’s pretty.” Trying to blow his cover, Young Ji asked him “were you blowing bubbles in this photo?” with Kai answering “that’s not it.”

Young Ji questioned how he, the said “monitor,” would know the answer to her question. Kai played it off by claiming he was a Kai fan.

Young Ji asked Kai to help out with the packaging, and this is where it got chaotic. Kai tried to help Young Ji by closing all the CD cases but was adorably failing at the task. He then tried to grab some CD’s to which he knocked over. Young Ji teased Kai and said he would have to pay for any broken CDs.

Realizing he’s supposed to be a monitor, Kai ordered a talk with Young Ji and finally revealed his identity.

It’s a good thing Kai is an amazing artist or else we’d have broken Albums and missing photocards.

Check out Young Ji’s full video with Kai below: