(UPDATE) Kai and Jennie Have Reportedly Broken Up After 4 Months of Dating

We’re shocked by this news.

UPDATE (1/25/2019 3:54PM KST): SM has confirmed that the couple has broken up.

UPDATE (1/25/2019 – 3:26PM KST): SM has stated that they are “looking into things” to officially confirm or deny the reports.

Looks like Kai and Jennie have officially called it quits just a little less then a month after it was revealed they were dating.

According to Naver in an exclusive article, those “close to the situation” have stated that Jennie and Kai have decided to split up after four months of dating.

The reason behind their breakup?


The article states that both mutually decided that the timing just wasn’t right and they instead needed to concentrate more on their personal careers at the moment. However, both are said to be parting as friends and will cheer each other on in the future.

Having initially been dating since October 2018, Jennie and Kai officially confirmed their romantic status after Dispatch released photos of them on various dates earlier this month.

While both YG and SM have yet to give official statements, we’ll update you once we see anything official from both labels.

Source: Naver and Naver
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