“KAMP LA 2022” Bans All Unofficial Merchandise, Including Fan-Made Freebies

K-Pop fans are very disappointed.

Netizens are disappointed by KAMP LA 2022‘s announcement to ban all non-official merchandise, including fan-made freebies.

K-Pop fans have been excited ever since KAMP LA 2022 was announced, as the lineup for the event is unbelievable. The two-day K-Pop festival will be from October 15-16 in Los Angeles, California, at the Rose Bowl Stadium, with over 14 performing acts. There will truly never be a dull moment!

Yet, recent announcements have disappointed them.

KAMP GLOBAL recently announced that distribution of unofficial artist merchandise would not be permitted regardless if it is given out for free. It is claimed that it is due out of respect for the artists.

Immediately, fans expressed concerns. Some wondered if they wouldn’t even be allowed to show up in their “unauthorized merch.”

K-Pop fans recognize that the ban on unofficial merchandise includes freebies, as those are often made with love by fellow fans. This has become a special part of the K-Pop concert experience as they are distributed while fans wait in line together. So, while the event is marketed as the “premiere K-Pop experience,” fans say it’s now missing a key part.

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Besides that, many had already prepared freebies as the event is already less than a week away. So, the news is coming on short notice.

And while the ban on unauthorized merchandise was claimed to be out of respect for the performers, many K-Pop fans see it as restricting creative fanmade merchandise, gifts, banners, etc. So, they feel it doesn’t actually align with K-Pop values.

Netizens believe it’s unreasonable that the event, which charges hundreds to thousands of dollars for tickets, won’t allow any fanmade stuff. They can’t help but feel it’s another excuse to make sales.

Regardless of the update, we hope everyone attending has a safe and unforgettable experience seeing some of the best K-Pop performers live!


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