Kang Daniel’s Actions During Another Artists’ Award Announcement Shows His True Colors

He was caught on camera.

A fan of Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel uploaded a short video, showing just how Kang Daniel acts during another artists’ award announcement at the 2018 MelOn Music Awards.


In the clip, the Wanna One members stand on stage as awards for other artists are being announced. As the members were waiting, Wanna One fans began calling out his name.

Hearing his name above other artists’, he turned towards the fans and asked them to clap for the other artists when their names are called.


He specifically signaled to stop calling his name, and instead cheer for the other artists.


After he successfully communicated with his fans, he cutely signaled an “Okay” with his signature puppy smile.


Low and behold, the fans began cheering loudly for the other artists when their names were called.


After watching this video, fans and netizens alike praised Kang Daniel for his considerate gesture.

  • “I’m not even his fan but I f*cking love this… Wow he’s perfect”
  • “Daniel is so well mannered I love him ㅠㅠ”
  • “Omg he’s seriously an angel!!!!!”
  • “Fans know just how much Kang Daniel thinks of his fans and how kind hearted he is…”
  • “I love that kind of manner. Fans instinctively only focus on their biases so they rarely think of things like this. I’m glad he’s making sure the fans are well mannered too.”
  • “Wow~ I can’t help but give him credit for this.. I was also amazed how he was never greedy for the center position on “Produce 101””
  • “Wow.. Look at his true character. Telling his fans not to call out his name, and instead, clap for the other artists… ㅠ People like him need to become stars although he already is”


What else could you expect from Kang Daniel, aka. Mr. Perfect?!

Source: Nate Pann

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