Kang Daniel Accused Of Being Rude And Inconsiderate By Alleged Staff Member

The staff’s story became a hot topic among netizens.

Kang Daniel has become one of the most popular idols in Korea thanks to his appearance on Produce 101 Season 2, where he won 1st place to debut as the center member for Wanna One.


However, a staff member who allegedly worked with Kang Daniel on one of his shoots complained about his attitude. The staff member released screenshots of chats that they sent to close friends. It was uploaded onto an online community post that soon became a hot topic among netizens.

The staff claimed that Kang Daniel didn’t practice before the shoot as he had originally stated.


Kang Daniel also allegedly complained about having to dance in the shoot. He was supposedly careless by continually complaining “like a thug.


The staff member then compared his attitude to Ong Sungwoo, who they praised as being a hard worker with a positive attitude.


After complaining about Kang Daniel, the staff member concluded the chat by praising Ong Sungwoo for a job well done.


After the post was widely circulated, many netizens began debating about how much of this was true. Some believed the chats, claiming Kang Daniel has a bad personality.


On the other hand, many came to his defense. They criticized those who believed this post and vowed to take legal action against the OP.

Source: Nate Pann

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